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Welcome to Wild Fauna Nature Play


There is always an adventure waiting in the woods.”

– Katelyn Bolds

At Wild Fauna Nature Play, we...


Are located at Hammond Hill, a beautiful spot with lots of land to explore.

Learn and identify plants, animals and tracks.


Learn about the impact we have on this world and come up with ways to be better!


Learn through play and exploring with our curiosity. Focus on what the kids want to explore to make them feel a sense of control of their own lives.


Learn about ourselves, our feelings, our bodies and what it tells us.

Journal, quiet time to ourselves to check in and take breaths to know our limits.


we provide a space for the new generation to explore this world in a safe setting where there is no fear of questioning, no fear of being wrong, no fear of standing up for yourself.


Nature is connected to us in so many ways, we go into the forest to feel the energy that is calm and vast and important!


Unceded Traditional Haudenosaunee Territory

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