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How to help us make a difference

Wild Fauna Nature Play's mission is to provide enriching, child-led, educational learning programs - through play in the outdoors - to the children, youth & families of the Clarence-Rockland and Ottawa East-End community.

To give children an opportunity to build individual resilience, self-confidence & trust within themselves through risky-play in Nature. It’s an opportunity for them to expand individual awareness of environmental impacts, where food comes from, and their connection & appreciation to nature & its living beings. This, through their growing understanding & appreciation for the ecosystem, its diversity & trust in the science of Nature’s life-cycles

Keeping costs low, providing different programs for all ages, providing learning opportunity accessible in Forest School settings, providing opportunities to help those struggling with costs is important to us. 


How you can help? 

In any way you can!! 

First, take a look at our list to donate towards. We will be continuing adding to the list, as well as marking down when something has been donated!

In the list you will see;

  • Services (such as archery)

  • Items to use in our day to day activities (such as hammocks)

  • Sponsoring (help bring a child to our programs)

 Helping our beautiful earth is a strong focus of ours, we are welcomed to used items collecting dust in your home. If you have a bug net hat at home not being used, Please consider us! Reach out for any items you wish to donate.

If you have a different idea than what is on the list reach out to Amanda (Owner) at, we will be happy to discuss your thoughts. We are always opened to working together to help the children, youth, and teens of the community. 

Help us create an amazing Forest School, together we can make a difference. 

Support Our Programs
Leave a one-time donation

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Contact Us with Your Ideas 

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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