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Meet the Team

Meet Amanda

Hello everyone, I’m Amanda (she/her) and I am a mom of a homeschooling wild child and the founder and owner of Wild Fauna Nature Play!

 Schooling in the Child and Youth Care Practitioner program. I have worked with children youth and teens for 11 years in a variety of settings, including but not limited to, group homes, forest schools, community centres, I run my own home daycare, and am a volunteer with Camp Quality (camps for kids with cancer and blood disorders). I am always learning and growing currently doing courses such as “Designing a Nature Program” With Forest Schooled (Caylin Gans), online workshops and forest school conferences. 

I enjoy educational learning opportunities through child-led learning and learning through play/ in nature.

 I love building up children and youths’ confidence and self-esteem, while supporting advocacy and creating a safe place for BIPOC & LGBTQQIP2SA+ and persons with disabilities.

 I am motivated in supporting children using nature, gardening skills, and caring for all animals and insects as they are a very important part of our environment. Nature play is a big factor on how I see children/youth thrive! Going for hikes, going to the forest just to play, climb trees, build fires, read books outside.

I see in kids having, - More freedom

                            - More bravery

                            - More imagination

                            - Able to thrive in self regulation

I am looking forward to supporting you and your child(ren).


Meet Stefany

Stefany Pagé-Douville (Stef) is a Guide to healing with animals & nature, Forest School Practitioner, and certified Forest Bathing Therapy Guide. Her pronouns are she/her/elle. Stefany is a mental health & belonging advocate. She is passionate about the power of community, connection, and holding space for every living being. Her primary work focuses on inviting people of all ages to find solace & belonging in nature, whilst sharing & learning about its resources together.

Stef has been facilitating gatherings and nature experiences on the unceded, unsurrendered & stolen lands of the Algonquin Anishinabeg people through her own business, Your Healing Circle, since 2018. Stef has worked alongside numerous Ottawa organizations & communities. She continues to deepen her connection with Land through learning opportunities of Land Stewardship with these organizations, with an open-heart & a listening ear.

Stef has completed the Nature-Rooted comprehensive program design mentorship through Forest Schooled and continues to be mentored by Caylin Gans. In June 2022 she completed the North Star outdoor survival skills program with Coyote Programs in Kahnawake, QC. Lastly, she is also currently working through the Therapeutic Skills for Outdoor Leaders (with a focus on children) certification through The Therapeutic Forest organization.

Come slow down and connect to self & nature with her.


Meet Véronique

Véronique is a bilingual registered early childhood educator (RECE/EPEI) and has over 10 years of work experience with kids aged from 2-12.

She has her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Linguistics and she completed her primary school teaching degree at the University of Ottawa. (EAO, OCT)

She has been facilitating Nature & Farm School programs with Your Healing Circle since 2021.  

She enjoys sunsets and sunrises, daily adventures, trips to unknown places and living as one with nature.

Being a scout for so many years, and raised in the country greatly influenced her way of living with others on this planet and she loves to share that with others, especially kids.

  Véronique is driven by the combination of her love and passion for children, her dedication to protecting the planet and her young heart. Being a forest educator is a dream come true for her, aligned with her values and her everyday life, she strongly believes in learning outdoors while creating a bond with nature.


Meet Natasha

Natasha is a Homeschool Educator for her family of four and a Barista at Café Joyeux. A graduate from Carleton University, she obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology with a focus on Indigenous Studies before turning her attention to her desires to start a family. She has been fulfilling her dream of raising her children to have slow living lifestyle and a strong connection to nature on a 45 acre forested hobby farm since 2015.

Growing up in small town Southern Ontario, Natasha spent much of her childhood exploring fields and forests, and wishes to bring that passion along with her newly ignited interest in Wildschooling to her own children and other families alike. She was a Free Forest School Facilitator in 2019 for families of children ages 0-6 and actively seeks new opportunities to bring together her local homeschool community to share her excitement of education through the great outdoors. She is a self-taught proponent of Respectful Parenting and values the importance of children’s expression of their true self in a safe and welcoming environment.


Meet Pascale

our team's current Woodland Wizarding facilitator and spiritual mentor. Pascale has over 10 years experience in Education - from teaching children to mature adults. Her background is in special education - where she not only studied but worked as a literacy teacher through the “Le Centre Moi J'apprends!” center. Additionally, through her work with the University of Ottawa, Pascale has offered presentations to teens & young adults as part of their recruitement program. Pascale is a charismatic person, who has the ability to reach & connect with children & teens of diverse backgrounds & ages. Through Pascale's own personal endeavours, she has studied many spiritual paths, including: Ceremonial Magik, Christianity, Shamanism, and Druidry. Now, Pascale channels this rich tapestry of knowledge and actively applies her learnings to craft sacred spaces for others. It’s through both her passion for teaching and self-exploration that she’s now focused on helping others of all ages to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Pascale is motivated & commited to fostering an inclusive and enriching learning environment for all, making her a beloved member of Wild Fauna's forest school.


Meet Laura

Laura is the mother of 2 young children and works for the Ottawa hospital in health information management, she is also a yoga instructor, and someone who loves spending time in nature with friends and family.

She grew up in rural eastern Ontario spending lots of time outdoors. Her family taught her a deep respect and admiration for nature. 

She hopes to share her love of the outdoors and movement with others, not only for the health benefits but also to encourage community and connection. She believes children and their families can thrive by learning to spend more outside.

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